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Welcome to a new kind of car dealer

You might call us the un-dealer...

Everything you want from your car buying (and owning) experience and zero of what we all hate.


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A Hawaiian word meaning a complete, all-encompassing dedication to a stress-free life by doing right and not creating stress to our lives, to the people around us or the world we live in.

It's about doing the right thing. In everything.

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A New Kind of Dealership

We are reinventing the car buying and ownership experience. Our name is more than a motto. It’s our mantra. It goes beyond how we do business. It stands for how we wish to live and what we want for those around us.

Being Pono is a conscious decision to be purposeful with everything we do. To do the right thing in terms of self, others, and the environment.

Being Pono means we act in a way that creates no stress – for ourselves or those around us. Our actions creates a sense of calm and peace. That we will act with optimism, do what is right and create situations that perpetuate enjoyment, peace and a feeling of joy.


Enough is
Enough Already

Something is fundamentally wrong with the car industry. It shouldn't be this way. And we simply won't to be a part of it.

We don't play games. 

We feel buying a quality car goes beyond the car. We believe the whole experience should be exceptional. And when's the last time you feel you had a great car buying experience? Get ready to have one with us. 

Learn more about our 5 Promises to you.


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We only carry the top 3% of cars. Cars with clean histories. Cars without issues. Cars that have been well cared for. This means we pass on most the cars we see. We have an eye for this type of thing. That's why our cars are likely the cleanest, lowest mile, best history cars available. Check out our Customer Tools and Resources section for more details on what we look for when we select a car for our inventory. 



We find your ideal car

Sometimes you simply need a car now. That's why we carry a thoughtful selection of cars in inventory at all times. However, sometimes you want something specific. Maybe it's a specific model or your favorite color. Or maybe it's something unique and hard to find. We do the searching for you. So you don't have to waste hours driving around and going through the hassle at traditional dealerships hunting for what you want. Our brokerage service is consultative - we start by understanding you and helping you pick exactly the right car for you. Our pricing is upfront and fair. From there, we get to work for you. When we find the car you want, we'll bring it in and you'll have the last word on if it's right for you. 

Our 5 Promises to You

Enough is enough!

Aren't we all simply done with the bad car buying experience?

We certainly are.

We're saddened by how many tactics traditional dealers use to sneak more money from you. It seems endless and is incredibly frustrating. And you just want to buy your next car - not spend your day playing manipulative games. If any of this sounds familiar, sadly the memories probably make you cringe. Here's our promise, nothing like this will happen at Pono Motors. Not ever.




No high-pressure tactics or games. Traditional dealerships do a lot to make you feel uncomfortable. When you're uncomfortable you don't think straight, you are more likely to over-look details. We won't stand for that. And the games are endless. Such as the classic "let me ask my manager...". From the first hello we want you to feel like one of the family. We wouldn't feel comfortable if you aren't.


No wasted time. There's a sad truth in the car industry... the longer a customer waits and the more impatient they become.. the higher the dealer profits. We've heard countless stories of people spending full days at a dealership! You just get worn down. At some point you just start saying yes to everything so you can get out of there.

We value our time and we value your time. There are really two stages to buying a car - evaluation and then purchase. We'll go at your pace for the evaluation of the car to ensure you have every question answered and feel you have all the information you need to make a smart choice. Once you say you want to buy the car, we strive to have all the purchase paperwork done and you on the road within 30 minutes. Yes, really, 30 minutes. 

Promise #3

No fake or hidden costs. We say NO to Dealer Doc Fees. Actually, no fees at all. Our pricing is fair and straightforward. We don't try to hide extra profit in fees. Since when did the car business become like the airlines with a fee for everything!?

Promise #4

No surprises. Ever go to buy a car and at the last minute something's different than what you thought? Surprise! Wouldn't it be nice if things just went smoothly and how you'd expect? We think so too. That's why we do everything to prevent surprises. 

Promise #5

No broken promises. If we say we will do something - we will do it. There's not much more to say about that.




What happens when you mix:

  • A passion for cars, plus...

  • A frustration with the typical car buying experience, plus...

  • A dedication to living a stress-free, peaceful existence?

You design a completely new kind of dealership and car buying experience.  And that's just what we did.

This isn't about making the typical slightly better. This is a new design.

And we think it's about time someone did something different.

Graham Gill Pono Motors

(Chief of Drive)

Co-founding Pono Motors with Luke is the continuation of Graham's passion for cars. As a prior dealership owner and a life-long "car guy" Graham loves to help others share in the joy of cars. He's always the go-to friend to ask your car question. And now he brings that care and passion to helping you Drive Pono!